"Dark sabotage God III" 2.6.1 version of the unprecedented freedom of


The new version of "Diablo III", a new version of 2.6.1, is officially launched! To experience the unprecedented dark new experience, almost every occupation has been strengthened, more powerful professional suits, better professional skills, and some legendary articles have also been epic. Come to feel dark 3 unprecedented freedom of play! Let you gallop to kill the battlefield!

An epic promotion for a career suit


In the new 2.6.1 version, all professional suits have been promoted. No matter what career you play, you can see that your favorite heroes have been enhanced. For example, Lei Kou Kai and Ulena handed down the strategy, their values are improved markedly, there are many other suits have small amplitude adjustment mechanism, to improve their performance. For example, if you like a whirlwind, then you should recheck the waste wrath suit. In addition to the injury promotion, the 4 pieces of the injury effect now lasts 3 seconds, giving you more time to safely cut the pain.

Now every occupation have more than a play, in the 2.6.1 version, you will have a better experience to the "Diablo III" in multiple ways, each one hand equipment can play a strong effect, you will want to collect the whole set, and flower type wanton killing four!

In addition to a package, some of the skills are enhanced


In addition to the enhancement of the professional suit, some of the skills have been adjusted, and the use will be more handy. For example, a love game player will find the holy army, blessed hammer (endless Rune hammer) was re design, can make the base damage and the scope of blessed hammer greatly improved. For example, the distance from the arcane ball (the frozen ball) is up to 40 yards!

Have you already felt the overall promotion of this update? Not only that, this update also includes the comprehensive strengthening of many legendary articles. Believe in this series of epic Buff, the new version will bring you unprecedented freedom of play! Release your killing desire, wantonly in the dark 3 of the world to kill the four sides! See the place where we sheltered!