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        Pride in science and technology has focused on providing professional caring and creative art outsourcing customized for each game manufacturer of research and development services, is committed to become the leading international supplier team in game art, many artists and art senior staff are from various well-known game companies, have very rich experience in game development; we had been involved in the development of a variety of S games, has extensive experience in production of large-scale 2D/3D games; and to provide quality and thoughtful service, which lays a solid foundation for the rapid and healthy development of our business.
        The team proud was established in 2014, the company officially registered in 2016, has been focused on the art of computer software outsourcing services. We use high quality product quality and service to meet customer needs, and unremittingly improve the quality of service. Since the establishment of the company, on the basis of professional team, rigorous and scientific project management process, perfect quality assurance system and good long-term cooperation with enterprises have become the foundation for our business to develop rapidly and healthfully.
        Customer success is proud of the success. Look forward to working with you!


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